About Us

Born in 2007 in Hanoi, PHUONG DONG ONLINE TRANSACTIONS., JSC is a professional company in the field of: foreign investment consultant, export export mandate. Providing international payment solution consultancy, providing and integrating online payment gateways into merchant payment gateways that are attracting the attention of Vietnamese businesses and investors. Foreign investment in Vietnam.

Information is the beginning of the success of who seize the opportunity and flash the opportunity, hurry up to dominate your market on the internet. We are always researching the development of business on the internet, researching the latest technologies and utilities to consult and build website systems for our customers, Good, secure and easy to use for the user.

Business is always a parallel of opportunity and risk. Our goal in providing services to our clients is to increase opportunities through predictive solutions, or to share risk mitigation with corrective measures.



We are paving the way for a change of system a useful tool for the community. With a combination of talent and technology revolution, we aspire can overtake the developed countries. We want to find and develop resources to create business potential brought Vietnam leading wave technology development.


We aim to contribute to national development and sustainable solutions to the persistent problem of society. We hope to become a good example for those who pursue the path of business and entrepreneurship, where we join hands to support the Startup with passion and potential ideas but lack of funding, experience .

Core Values

In the East we live the core values that the business philosophy "Win-Win" This principle ensures sustainable results for the year cooperative subjects: employees, customers, shareholders, partners and society. "