Perform transaction processing over the counter
Implementation of a cash flow transaction
Receive and handle international payment profile is modeled
Other functions


1. The requirements for a degree / certificate:

Graduated Intermediate sectors: Economics, Finance, Banking, Foreign Trade, or other related subjects.
Computers: proficient use of office computer and software applications, using keyboard skills quickly and accurately
English: Level B for the major cities and tourist city.
2. Ask about experience / knowledge:

Priority has experience working in the field of dealing with customers, customer care.
3. Other requirements on appearance, quality, personality / skills, the ability to:

Male, female, height 156cm and above.
Under 30 years old
Fun, gentleness; enthusiastic, honest.
Be careful, quick and accurate.
Ability to communicate, good customer care.
Conscious image building, and professional.

Salary, bonus competition.
Advanced training mode has been updated and renovated.
Roadmap & attractive opportunities for advancement.

BRANCHES & transaction offices nationwide (Please see the list of network operation of the Orient)

Interested candidates, please apply in 1 of 2 ways:

1. Email to [email protected]

The candidate information (name syntax below) can scan photos or attach images
Title record syntax unsigned, (VD): HO CHI MINH GDV _ _ name and last name
2. To pay directly or sent by post to the address below:

Chamber HR Solutions Corporation Oriental Trading Online: Floor 3, No. 49 Central Glass, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
Note: the candidate you please specify the location of interest and desire to work outside of the envelope, if applying by post.

Ministry records full accordance with:
1. The candidate CV.
2. An application for handwritten or typed clearly candidate positions.
3. The health certificate (within 06 months).
4. Copies of diplomas and certificates related.
5. Curriculum Vitae, identity card (Visa true copy).
6. Certificate previous work history (if any).