PDI invests in hotel reservation systems online, providing the best solution for users to search and book with instant confirmation and reservation systems, a variety of payment methods, 24/7.

Smarter Hotel Booking superior points:
– Meet all possible requirements of customers from individual to organization, regardless of geographic location.
– Provides a wide range of services, a wide range of hotels and types of rooms worldwide, with around 2,500 hotels in Vietnam & more than 30,000 international hotels.
– Customer service enthusiasm, thoughtful 24/7.
– Flexible, fast, secure payment.
– There are special promotions, discounts, special discounts for groups, companies, organizations.
In addition, iVIVU.com provides free Property Management System (PMS) for small and medium hotels; Extranet network for large hotels, luxury resorts in and outside Vietnam.
Built-in flexibility to work on Smart Phone, Table PC, Desktop PC